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SelexNode RPC

Through our proprietary technology, we provide the highest throughput & transaction success rate in all of Solana, even during times of congestion.

Our Features

TPS limit of 750

A Transactions Per Second (TPS) limit of 750 ensures robust handling of high volumes of operations without compromising system performance. This threshold accommodates significant user activity, making it ideal for environments that require rapid data processing and responsiveness.

Very high landing rates

Very high landing rates indicate superior efficiency in securing desired outcomes during online transactions, such as limited edition releases. This metric is crucial for users engaged in competitive environments, where success often hinges on split-second advantages.

Latency under 2ms

Achieving a latency of under 2 milliseconds guarantees exceptionally fast data transmission times. This is critical for applications requiring real-time interaction and swift response, such as financial trading platforms or high-frequency trading operations.

GPA included

Including a Guaranteed Performance Agreement (GPA) assures users of a minimum level of service and reliability. This guarantee typically covers aspects like uptime, support responsiveness, and system performance, providing peace of mind and stability for business operations.

Round-the-clock support

Offering 24/7 support ensures that users have access to assistance at any time. This continuous availability is crucial for resolving issues promptly and maintaining operational continuity, especially in global operations that span multiple time zones.

Continuous updates and improvements

Committing to continuous updates and improvements reflects a proactive approach to software maintenance and development. This strategy ensures that the service evolves in response to new challenges, user feedback, and emerging technologies, thus maintaining its relevance and efficiency.

Geyser support

Geyser support may refer to specialized services or features designed to handle sudden surges in demand or activity, much like a geysers sudden release of pressure. This capability is particularly valuable in managing peak loads smoothly and efficiently.

Multiple locations

Operating in multiple geographic locations, such as New York, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, enhances service delivery by reducing latency, improving load distribution, and ensuring optimal transaction landing rates.

SelexNode RPC Pricing

Private Node

8 SOL/month

15k requests per second

Deployment possible in almost every location in the world!

Monthly renewal

0.5 SOL/month

500 requests per second

All features & locations included

Lifetime Access


500 requests per second

All features & locations included